Bellingham Cemetery

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Bellingham Cemetery is located between The Croft and the old showfield on the B6320 on the southwest side of the village.

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Bellingham Cemetery Fees

All monies raised from cemetery fees are used to maintain and improve the cemetery and chapel for the benefit of all.


  Parishioner Non-Parishioner**

Exclusive rights (right of burial in a given plot for 99 years)



Internment fee (note exclusive rights must also be purchased)*


Fixed fee per adult interment



Interment of child under 12 years old



Interment of Ashes

£50 £100


Monuments and Gravestones:


Right to erect a headstone



Additional inscriptions on a headstone





Use of Bellingham Cemetery Chapel for memorial service

See Bellingham Cemetery Chapel page



6" x 4" Memorial Brass Plaque on Cemetery Chapel Wall

The plaques can be engraved with any details you would like. Price includes manufacture, installation and maintenance. 

Contact the Clerk using the details below for more information and to order.

£100 £100


*Internment fees are per burial, not per plot and apply at the point of burial irrespective of when the plot was purchased.

It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure they arrange a double depth grave with their chosen funeral director at the point of first burial if multiple internments are desired in the same plot. If a single depth grave is initially arranged it will not be possible to change this to double at a later date and no further internments will be possible in the plot.

**The deceased will be classified as a non-parishioner if they were not a resident within Bellingham Parish within 12 months of their death.

To discuss fees, maintenance, safety or cemetery rules (see below), please contact:

Bellingham Parish Clerk



Bellingham Cemetery Rules

  1. In all matters relating to the Cemetery the Parish Council's decision is final. The Parish Council acts under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 (as amended).
  2. Memorial headstones are not permitted unless the appropriate fee has been paid.
  3. Headstones are not to exceed 3’6 height, 3’ width and 6” depth (1067mm x 914mm x 153mm). Base not to exceed 12” depth (300mm).
  4. Vases not to exceed 12” (300mm) can be installed free of any charge. Vases larger than this will attract the same fee as a headstone.
  5. Details of any headstones or vases must be submitted to Bellingham Parish Clerk for approval by the Parish Council before being installed.
  6. The Council may prune or remove any plants, pots, ornaments, shrubs, grass or trees anywhere within the Cemetery without notice or compensation, if the Council at its own absolute discretion considers it necessary for the good order and running of the Cemetery. Objects of decoration are not allowed on grave plots however objects can be placed on the apron of any memorial.
  7. After funerals all flowers and wreaths laid on a grave should be removed and disposed of, no later than 14 days after the funeral takes place.
  8. After Christmas all flowers and wreaths laid on a grave should be removed and disposed of by 31st January.
  9. Grave Spaces. No marking, delineating or decoration of a Grave space is allowed. Any ornamentation on a grave will be removed. Grave spaces must be kept in a tidy condition. Please contact Bellingham Parish Clerk if further clarification is needed.
  10. Reopened grave. If a grave is reopened to bury the widow, widower or partner of the deceased then the standard parishioner internment fee will be due.
  11. Ashes cannot be scattered in the graveyard without the prior permission of Bellingham Parish Council.
  12. Grave curbs are not permitted anywhere in the Cemetery, however existing curbs may be repaired or renewed.
  13. Dogs are allowed in the cemetery, but must be kept on a short lead. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs.

Bellingham Cemetery Site Map

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